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Lake Mboukou, May 24, 2003

Location Lake Mboukou, Congo
Start Coords Lat, Lng: 0.95, 17.38
End Coords Lat, Lng: 1.21, 17.42
Distance: 4.20
Time and Conditions Time Of Day: Night
Start Time:
End Time:
Weather Visibility:
Water Level:
Personnel Emmanuel Balipe, Surveyor
Faustin Otto, Surveyor
Jerome, Surveyor
Mitchell Eaton, Surveyor
Valentina Bossela, Surveyor
Transport Transport Type: Boat
Air Altitude:
Air Speed:

Tandem Counts:
Species Indicator Total Count Adult Juvenile Unknown Density Nests Population Estimate
Crocodylus cataphractus Crocodile 0
Crocodylus niloticus Crocodile 0
Osteolaemus tetraspis Crocodile 0
Bibliography: Eaton, M. J. - (2) (2004) 2nd Annual Report on the WCS Central African Crocodile research Program: Congo and Gabon
Submitted By: JonHutton
Submitted Date:

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